Cookie policy

Our web site makes use of Cookies. Those that are used we class as essential and are strictly
necessary for the site to function correctly. By using our site you are consulting to the use of
both essential and non-essential cookies.

Openfield does make use of some third party services such as Google Analytics, YouTube and
Twitter. Cookies associated with these could be classed as “non-essential” cookies of which we
have limited control over.

We use Google Analytics to count the number of people who use the site and to analyse how
they use it. We do this to make sure that our site is as good as it can be and this is the primary
evidence we use when trying to improve what we offer to users. You can opt out of Google
Analytics here (

Our Twitter feed uses cookies to better understand how you interact with the Twitter service.
More information about these third party cookies can be found here;

The definitions of essential and non-essential cookies are below;

Essential Cookie

Cookies are necessary for carrying out or facilitating the transmission of a communication or
is “strictly necessary” for providing an “information society service” requested by the user.
Cookies likely to be deemed essential are those used for the shopping basket and checkout,
those that provide security for online banking services and those that help ensure that your
page loads quickly by distributing the workload.

Non-essential Cookie

Any cookies used for analytical purposes to count the number of visitors to a website, any
cookies used by first party or third party advertisers, including affiliates, and cookies used to
recognise the user when they return to a website so they receive a tailored greeting or
optimised landing page.