At Openfield we recognise that each crop needs its own tailored nutrition package. Our FACTS (Fertiliser Advisers Certification and Training Scheme) qualified Farm Business Team can offer advice on crop nutrition, fertiliser recommendations and legislative requirements, while understanding the pressures of farming life.

Openfield is able to offer a range of products tailored to suit your needs. We work with a wide range of suppliers including CF Fertilisers, Yara UK and Origin Fertilisers, to give our growers access to the best products and advice, supported by widespread trials.

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We supply the best quality products, backed by manufacturers that share our principle of a long-term commitment to advice and the highest levels of service.

It’s why one of our key partners is CF Fertilisers, the UK’s premier fertiliser manufacturer. CF Fertilisers supplies a range of high quality formulations, including:

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    Phil Crowther

    Head of Inputs

    T: 01476 862752


    Lucy Hassall

    Fertiliser Manager

    T: 01476 862729