Trinity AgTech: Sandy, a Smart Natural Capital Navigator

Take control of natural capital with Sandy, a Smart Natural Capital Navigator

  • Easy to use, award-winning software for navigating natural capital
  • Completely independent and of the highest analytical integrity
  • Improves business resilience by measuring & optimising your natural capital.

Explore additional opportunities relating to biodiversity, carbon, water and sustainability provenence 

Enhance business resilience through whole farm optimisation

Sandy’s Natural Capital Navigator includes the only new generation carbon calculator

Sandy’s high analytical integrity reduces risk and improves value for farm businesses

Explore on-farm options for greater efficiency, profitability & sustainability

The most credible toolkit for measuring and optimising your farm’s carbon balance, biodiversity, water quality, productive and financial performance – and all in one place. Then use Sandy’s artificial intelligence to predict the impact of various management decisions on these assets – enabling farm businesses to make decisions that boosts profitability & sustainability.


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Trinity AgTech: Sandy

Why is Openfield working with Trinity AgTech?

We have partnered with Trinity AgTech to raise our sustainability credentials and bolster our members’ supply chain resilience.

We want to provide our members with the power to gather evidence of their farming practices that deliver for the environment. It can’t be underestimated how critical it will be to farm business prosperity in the long term.

We believe that our Members need more support in the current climate, so we feel a tool that addresses a broad range of production and environmental impacts is the best choice for our members.

We believe that, eventually, information on a farm’s environmental impact will need to be supplied by the whole supply chain, from farm gate to fork, so we want to get ahead to capitalise on the benefits.

After conducting extensive due diligence into Sandy’s credentials and capabilities, we are confident that Sandy can offer members the flexibility to plot their own sustainability journey, while credibly recording outcomes of farm profitability and environmental impacts.

We’ve looked at several products and Sandy is the only tool that covers the whole breadth of natural capital. Most tools focus solely on carbon, but some projects we’re currently working on look at more than carbon, such as water quality and biodiversity.

Our members will also benefit from Sandy’s ability to provide scenario planning. This improves accuracy in measuring the outcomes of their farm management decisions, both financially and environmentally.

As Sandy is accredited to latest ISO standards, the scientific basis is hugely beneficial to our members and will provide credibility to the whole supply chain.

Want to know more?

Talk to your Openfield Farm Business Manager to see how Trinity AgTech’s Sandy could help your farm business. Or you can email with your details and requesting information about Trinity AgTech’s Sandy or call us on on 01476 862 730.