We are proud to be Britain’s only national grain market and arable inputs co-operative.

More than just grain: Premium products and services to help you get the best for your business.

Openfield’s vision is to be an integral part of our farmers’ and customers’ businesses, building unique relationships that create value.

As Britain’s only national grain marketing and arable inputs cooperative, we’re committed to putting our members’ needs first. We appreciate the challenges and opportunities that farmers are presented with every day, and by working together, we can help you overcome those challenges and make the most of every opportunity.

As a British, farmer-owned cooperative, we behave differently to other businesses. We provide security, we act fairly, we’re efficient and we create value. When you commit your grain to us, you automatically become a shareholder. We can use our size, scale, strength and long-standing experience to secure the very best deal for you.

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Why Openfield?

View our video for an overview of what Openfield stands for, the services we provide and the professional approach we apply to all aspects of our grain marketing, storage and arable inputs.


Covid-19: Suppliers coping well but markets are uncertain

After a much busier spring than was expected in the current circumstances, new season fertiliser campaigns are on the horizon while the wheat markets are looking a little more tricky. As the weeks tick down towards harvest 2020, markets are entering into the ‘uncertain’ phase, writes Openfield’s head of compliance, shipping and research, Cecilia Pryce. It […]

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Better buying, better selling – Dressed to impress

With oilseed rape facing a challenging autumn, every aspect of its establishment must be optimised, says Openfield, from variety information to the dressing that nurtures the seed. CPM reports on trials commissioned to ensure this. Finding the right variety is like finding the right partner, and it’s the personality you’re after. By Tom Allen-Stevens, editor of […]

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