There are many ways to manage grain market risk and what suits one business may not be right for another. This is why we have developed a comprehensive suite of risk-management products that help you to achieve impressive results without exposing your business to an unnecessary level of risk.

titlerowProduct nameTracker (PD)Pool (PC)Producers Direct (PD)Traded (PX)
FunctionA product that tracks the market, every day, over a time period of your choice, and averages out the price over that period. You can close your Tracker price at any given time during the Tracker period.Openfield market grain on your behalf. This product offers access to a range of different risk management tools and strategies.A contract that gives you the freedom to discuss and define with Openfield the best strategy to market your produce. It covers all commodities for a given month for an agreed price.A Traded contract enables you to sell to Openfield at the market price on any given day for any month.
CommoditiesWheat and Oilseed Rape Wheat, Barley, Beans, Oilseed Rape and OatsAll commoditiesAll commodities
ShareholderYes – you will hold a £1 share in Openfield Group Limited.
This £1 one-off cost will be deducted from an early payment to you.
Benefits• A dedicated team working on your behalf to ensure the correct marketing decision is made
• Advanced payments are available at an excellent rate (conditions apply)
• Complimentary Moisture Meter Calibration
• Credit Insurance included
• A dedicated weekly market commentary
• Access to Insight (our online customer portal)
• A dedicated team working with you to help you make the right decision
• Access to Openview: our weekly market report
Deadlines and Terms• Simply return your completed Commitment Form by 31st March
• Return your Final Tonnage Form (FTF) by 30th September
• Sign the Openfield Terms and Conditions (which can be found on the reverse of the Commitment Form)
• All contracts will be conducted under the terms of the relevant AIC or FOSFA contracts for each commodity
Marketing ArrangementOpenfield is the agent for your grainYou sell the grain to Openfield
RiskVery Low LowMediumHigh
Product TypeCommittedCommittedCommittedTraded

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Openfield Proficiency Testing Scheme (OPTS)

The Openfield Proficiency Testing Scheme is a TASCC recognised ring check scheme for testing facilities involved in the analysis of combinable crops.

It was started in 2003 with 12 members and now has over 100 testing facilities participating.

The commodities available are as follows:

WheatMoisture, specific weight, screenings, admixture, protein, hagberg.
(2 samples per month July through to June)
BarleyMoisture, specific weight, screenings, admixture, nitrogen, germination, skinned, splits and broken.
(2 samples per month July through to June)
OatsMoisture, specific weight, screenings, admixture.
(1 sample per month August through to February of the following year and April)
Oilseed RapeMoisture, admixture, oil, burnt, rancid, chitted and immature.
(2 samples per month July, August, September and February (Plus other months if deemed necessary)
PeasMoisture, admixture, colour
(1 sample per month September through to January of the following year, and March and May)
BeansMoisture, admixture, bruchid and stains
(1 sample per month September through to January, March and May)

Each month the participating facility enters their results onto the dedicated online portal. Once the deadline for results has closed the scheme administrator issues a full report showing all participants z-scores, an individual facility report and a z-score trend report for that facility.

These reports are then used by the facility to monitor how they are testing compared to the reference methods and the other participating facilities.

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Our aim is to deliver the most efficient supply chain in the industry. With our Operations team, organised into Product Planners, Farm Service Coordinators, Customer Service Coordinators, and Transport Service Coordinators, our objective is to optimise costs and service from farm gate to end-user. We have seen reductions in both farm and mill turnaround times, and significant service improvements at mills.

We manage a dedicated fleet of 36 Openfield vehicles operating from strategic sites around the country. In anticipation of a busy harvest, we have an additional 20 vehicles on-hand to support our sub-contracted hauliers.

Hauliers form an integral part of the supply chain, and we recognise the crucial role that every external haulier plays in the process. We seek collaborative, open engagements with them and aim to develop long term relationships based on trust, credibility and delivery. In short: we strive for the mutual success of all involved.

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Grain Supply

David Brown

Head of Sales & Trading (Wheat)

T: 01476 862758

Ed Hodgson

Head of Sales & Trading (Barley)

T: 01476 862747

Andrew Little

Wheat Trader

T: 01476 862787

Heather Watkins

Oats Trader

T: 01476 862632

Susie Foster

Oilseed Rape and Pulses Trader

T: 01476 862665