Selecting a variety can be a major challenge for any grower. At Openfield, we work hard to remove much of the uncertainty by developing and promoting varieties for which there is an established market appeal. By doing this, we can be confident that our growers will not struggle to market the crop.

This market understanding is further supported by our close relationship with plant breeders, which can often give us access to varieties up to three years before they have received AHDB recommendation. This allows us to fully-evaluate crop needs and agronomic requirements and assess their end-market potential with the ultimate consumers.

We have a network of variety trials across the UK, making us a leader in independent variety assessment and seed innovation.


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Seed treatments

Seed production

We are committed to producing high-quality seed, together with an unrivalled service to farmers, growers and members.

Our modern seed plant at Colsterworth, near Grantham, uses the very latest seed processing technology to produce a comprehensive range of cereals, pulses and oilseeds. We continually invest in updating our cleaning and treating equipment, and we pride ourselves on producing the very best quality seed. We have links with all the major plant breeders and our national grain marketing and storage expertise means we can select seed varieties that can add value and are most suited to your local conditions and markets.

We are continually looking for new or existing seed growers to join our longstanding, experienced seed grower network. Please contact your local Farm Business Manager or Chris Bates our Seeds Production & Logistics Manager.

Seed contacts

Phil Crowther

Head of Inputs

T: 01476 862752

Chris Bates

Seeds Production & Logistics Manager

T: 01476 862735

Duncan Durno

Arable Technical Manager

T: 01476 862639

Delyth Gilman

Environmental Technical Advisor

T: 01476 862755