Openfield begins journey to net-zero by exploring electrified vehicles

April 15th 2024

Openfield Group, the British farmer-owned co-operative, has teamed up with Voltloader to trial fully electric trucks in an ambitious bid to reduce Carbon Emissions. This innovative partnership will see grain loads moved from Openfield member farm gates to their consumer customers using Voltloader’s all-electric fleet, which is currently focused on the bulk haulage industry. Teaming […]

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How do we measure ‘environmentally good’, and how will this impact on productive land?

April 2nd 2024

Farming and food production is full of uncertainty at the moment – driven by the extreme wet weather, funding for environmental schemes taking priority over growing crops, and lack of data for decision-making. As the day length extends and most are trying to deal with the crops that have over-wintered or just been sown, there […]

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The grain market is putting a lot of faith in Mother Nature to perform

March 1st 2024

Major wheat exporter stocks are already the lowest they have been for a decade, and the market appears to have very little risk premium factored in for any major weather issues. By mid-February, grain prices had fallen to new lows, as Managed Fund and speculative selling weighed on values, says Openfield’s head of grain marketing, […]

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Openfield maintains 2023 profitability amid continued market volatility

February 6th 2024

Openfield Group Limited has reported its results to 30 June 2023. Against a backdrop of falling grain prices and ever-changing market conditions, the British farmer-owned grain marketing and arable inputs co-operative has reported a profit of £2.7m for the year to 30 June 2023 (2022: Profit £3.1m). This was achieved on the back of a […]

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New year brings new challenges

February 1st 2024

The grain market is now turning its attention to production prospects for 2024/25, while lower fertiliser prices create a buying opportunity for growers requiring product for spring applications. The new year began as the old year finished, with grain prices on the defensive and moving through recent lows, explains Openield’s head of grain marketing, Glenn […]

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What would the cost need to be, to ensure farmers made sure every load was 100% fit for purpose?

January 2nd 2024

The list of store-keeping issues that we deal with is huge but in most cases rejections can be avoidable if there is more attention to detail. As the weather turned colder in late November and early December, how many of you realised how hot your stored grain was? I ask this as, over the last […]

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