How many farmers understand their obligations, in regards to sustainability and the environment?

December 1st 2021

With COP26 bringing world leaders together to make decisions on climate change, the entire food supply chain needs to do its homework and pull together to avoid the potential black hole ahead. This time last year, the focus of many was on Brexit and how it may or may not disrupt trade flows – but […]

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Wheat futures might be nearing record highs, but real gross margin calculations could indicate a less positive result

November 1st 2021

With the fertiliser industry facing huge uncertainty, the costs behind grain production rising and agricultural reform affecting every stage of this production, some serious questions need to be asked. With November 2021 London wheat futures at £202 per metric tonne and November 2022 at around £187, both are close to contract highs but still short […]

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Weather and haulage remain the causes of uncertainty, while the commercial cost of grain storage is paramount to the bottom line

October 1st 2021

With demand still outstripping supply, the UK’s fragile supply infrastructure needs to be future-proofed, but at what (and who’s) cost? Plus, testing grain samples will have an important impact on next season’s success. The combines are largely washed down and back in the shed, but I am still not sure we are much wiser than […]

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Quality and price are the two biggest question marks hanging over the global grain market right now

September 1st 2021

With demand outstripping supply due to weather extremes across the world, global stocks need to be rebuilt over the next few years – and farmers are the ones in the driving seat. As farmers in the Northern Hemisphere contemplate the quality and size of their crops, the world’s grain traders and consumers are trying to […]

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Worldwide yield predictions are unreliable – the only true measure is the data that follows after the combines leave the field

August 1st 2021

While topline figures indicate a record figure in terms of global crop numbers, proving this data is becoming harder, which leads to volatility – so understanding the market is vital. By the time many of you read this, I would hope that the combines are humming across most of the UK. You, like every farmer […]

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Harvest is right around the corner, and the importance of taking representative samples safely is paramount

July 1st 2021

With farmers now responsible for taking their own samples, and concern around lack of HGV drivers impacting haulage pricing, there’s a lot of uncertainty to navigate in the upcoming months. With talk about what the new normal may look like, we may all have to transit there over some rocky roads before we get to […]

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