We all need to learn from the past and rebuild a more long-term secure, sustainable industry

May 1st 2023

The world only has infinite land resources which need looking after – but with an ever-growing population, the demand to produce food and feed is only likely to increase, with the balance of supply and demand being created through price movement. A total of 644 million hectares is the USDA’s published global area of corn, […]

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Input variability makes calculating an ‘average’ cost of growing the 2023/24 UK wheat crop very difficult

April 1st 2023

When deciding how and when to market your grain, it’s important to use your own on-farm figures, and not blindly follow what has been said elsewhere. On a recent call, I was asked what I thought the average price of wheat will be for the 23/24 trading year. A great question, which we would all […]

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Grain supply and demand: Can the UK stay ahead of the curve in such an uncertain market?

March 1st 2023

We need to be aware of every cost element and trade on similar terms to other grain sellers, and importantly keep doors open for future trade. The recent UK customs data, published to the end of December 2022, showed the UK had shipped over twice the amount of wheat than we had by the same […]

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2023: Potentially a year of opportunities, but only if you make sure you’re prepared

February 1st 2023

Unprecedented upheavals can’t be predicted – but this doesn’t mean you can’t be as prepared as possible, and assume less. As we progress through 2023, I wonder how many of you have already given up on your resolutions? So asks Openfield’s head of compliance, shipping and research, Cecilia Pryce. But what about the childhood resolution […]

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Data and knowledge move markets – so why can’t the UK produce a crop number?

January 3rd 2023

The market volatility is huge domestically and globally, yet there seems no urgency to help the UK agriculture industry with more timely releases of data or even an update on the future of ELMS. By the time you read this we will have traded almost six months of the 2022/23 grain year. I feel it’s […]

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Better buying, better selling – Unprecedented times

December 8th 2022

As the year draws to a close, the past 12 months have seen some of the greatest volatility in commodity markets in recent history. CPM reflects on the farmgate challenges and considers the strategies for mitigating risk. “I don’t have sleepless nights wondering whether or not I’ve sold at the right price.” By Charlotte Cunnigham, CPM Magazine […]

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