Food production should be valued, not taken for granted

May 6th 2019

Openfield’s head of research, compliance and shipping says that food prices are a hot topic for governments because much of our livestock relies on imported feed which is not easily grown in the UK. Food prices are a hot topic for any government and ours seems almost obsessed with them. History has proven that a […]

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Openfield appoints former Berry Gardens CEO to its Board

April 3rd 2019

Openfield Group Limited, the British farmer-owned co-operative, has today announced it has strengthened its non-executive management team by appointing, Nicholas Marston to its Board. Mr Marston oversaw significant growth of the UK berry growers’ co-operative Berry Gardens between 1996 and 2017. In this time the company grew from a turnover of £18 million, with a […]

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Planning for new season fertiliser? 

March 21st 2019

One of Openfield’s Fertiliser Traders, Lucy Hassall, encourages farmers to plan ahead and get ready for the new season of fertiliser buying. The end of February saw record breaking temperatures allowing farmers to apply their spring applications earlier than expected. Those that were ordered by mid-January had their requirements on farm to use when needed. […]

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Where next for the grain markets?

February 1st 2019

A good question which currently has a string of possible answers. UK spot futures wheat prices moved to their current levels back in late 2016 and have been in a nominal £10 range ever since. When you consider the values were around £100 in 2009, over £200 in 2011 and closer to £210 in late […]

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Better buying, better selling – When risk becomes reward

December 5th 2018

The grain market can be a hostile environment, and becomes ever more volatile. CPM seeks expert advice on how to use it to your advantage. It’s important to work with someone you trust. By Tom Allen-Stevens Editor of CPM Magazine Your attitude to risk may largely define your marketing strategy, and when dealing with a volatile market, […]

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Better buying, better selling – The seed selector

June 8th 2018

Making the right seed choices this autumn are key considerations for every UK grower, so how does the UK’s largest farmer-owned co-operative make the right ones? CPM tours Openfield’s seed plant and asks the man with the answers. You wouldn’t describe a person by numbers, and it’s the wrong way to judge every aspect of a variety, […]

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