With the current daily price volatility, are you really confident you are getting the best price for your grain?

December 1st 2022

With politics and Mother Nature being relatively impossible to predict, never has it been more important to have a farm marketing plan and make sure you are speaking to and dealing with the right people. As the world gets used to extreme market volatility, created by the ongoing logistical issues surrounding the war in Ukraine, […]

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Digital and precision developments are positive steps, but what else can be done to ensure we can feed the nation?

November 1st 2022

With the government having gone quiet on the topic of food security, and UK crop numbers delayed, farmers need to ensure they are not left on the back shelf. How many times have you sat wondering where and what you and UK agriculture will be in five or 10 years? It’s a question I ask […]

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Perhaps it’s time to be as dynamic as the market is, and consider trying some new things

October 1st 2022

There is no normal in the current market environment, and if you are marketing your grains, you need to be fully aware of the uncertainties ahead. Speaking to a contact in Australia earlier this week, I came to the conclusion that certainty and the grain markets are two words that struggle to be in the […]

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If the best global grain traders couldn’t have predicted recent market moves, how do you decide when to fix your grain price?

September 1st 2022

Cash flow payments, any storage or logistical restrictions, and knowing the real quality of your harvested grain as well as the gross value are key to making decisions around price. I was recently asked if marketing grain would ever be easy, says Openfield’s head of compliance, shipping and research, Cecilia Pryce. I did contemplate replying […]

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Predicting harvest results is nigh on impossible – so who is now driving the need for accurate and timely UK data?

August 1st 2022

The first provisional UK crop number may not be available until October – so it’s important that individual farmers clearly identify their crop sizes and quality as soon as practically possible. At the time of writing, in the midst of a heatwave in mid-July, the ‘weather gods’ seem to realise the pain that will be […]

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How do we keep the focus on what we all do, and educate the public that farming and food matter?

July 1st 2022

Uncertainty has led to price volatility, which in turn requires greater vigilance when it comes to grain contracts, as well as detecting any fraud – be it in short-delivered goods, fuel theft or by ‘fortifying’ commodities. In the latest Government Food Strategy for England paper, there was a comment that referred to the ‘critical importance […]

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