How ready are UK farmers to produce a calculated carbon footprint relevant to their specific crop or field?

August 1st 2023

We can hopefully all understand the reasoning for lowering our carbon footprint and improving the environment, but does it make anyone a financial return and, realistically, should it? Every month, the USDA publishes its latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report, and every month the various markets react. How long will it be […]

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Better buying, better selling: Maximising wheat performance

July 3rd 2023

Combining plant genetics, chemical controls and biologicals could be the key to maximising wheat performance and mitigating the risks posed by variable growing conditions. CPM speaks to Openfield to get up to speed with the latest options. “Chemistry protects chemistry and chemistry protects genetics.” Written by Melanie Jenkins of CPM Magazine If anyone could accurately […]

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Do you as arable growers feel you have a forum to air your concerns, and are they acted upon?

July 1st 2023

We are all involved in an amazingly efficient supply chain that ‘just gets on with the job’, but by not having more passion and a voice in the right places, it means that when we identify issues, we may not get heard until it’s too late. With unpredictable pre-harvest weather, increasing volatility of grain markets, […]

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More questions need to be asked around crop sizes, food security and the ability to pay

June 1st 2023

As the grain trading year of 2022/23 slowly concludes, two such questions are what does the 2023/24 season bring with it, and what have we learnt from 2022/23? Back at the start of the trading year, I discussed the dramatic drop in demand for compound feeds and the impact it could have on the demand […]

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We all need to learn from the past and rebuild a more long-term secure, sustainable industry

May 1st 2023

The world only has infinite land resources which need looking after – but with an ever-growing population, the demand to produce food and feed is only likely to increase, with the balance of supply and demand being created through price movement. A total of 644 million hectares is the USDA’s published global area of corn, […]

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Input variability makes calculating an ‘average’ cost of growing the 2023/24 UK wheat crop very difficult

April 1st 2023

When deciding how and when to market your grain, it’s important to use your own on-farm figures, and not blindly follow what has been said elsewhere. On a recent call, I was asked what I thought the average price of wheat will be for the 23/24 trading year. A great question, which we would all […]

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