Better buying, better selling – Little steps to a potential big profit

June 9th 2021

Record values for oilseed rape this spring must provoke a bittersweet response for many growers. But doing the little things could make the crop a big earner on farm again. CPM seeks advice. By Mike Abram, CPM Magazine. As oilseed rape prices broke record after record in May, it would be understandable if more growers had […]

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To take advantage of the high grain prices, be the best farmer you can be to ensure service and quality

June 1st 2021

The current global grain market is a tricky beast, and with maize demand requiring significant import levels, the hope is that UK consumers will refocus on domestic grains – which means attention to detail is key in order to avoid claims or rejections. With grain prices at such high levels relative to previous years, my […]

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Openfield and Roger Warnes Transport get IT right

May 30th 2021

Openfield Group Limited, the British farmer-owned co-operative, has successfully worked together with Roger Warnes Transport to integrate two IT systems which benefit both businesses and Openfield’s farmer customers. As a result of this integration Roger Warnes Transport can use their own IT systems and driver tracking App to provide Openfield with live and accurate data […]

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Strategic stock building could result from concerns around shipping and cash flow problems

May 3rd 2021

Covid-19 could have a long-term impact on grain imports and exports, while politics and policies are also making worldwide waves. Dry weather is affecting nutrient applications across the UK. The global pandemic has taught us all much about what we believe is important, but governments across the world are now trying to identify their future […]

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With biofuel potentially leading the way on the path to ‘net zero’, is this the way forward for UK agriculture?

April 1st 2021

While fertiliser type and usage play a large part in carbon reduction, biofuels are being touted as the next big thing – but farmers need to ensure feedstock is compliant at the very least, before they can seize any E10 opportunities. The last year has taught us all several things. Amongst the positives, we saw […]

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With higher yielding wheat varieties and more efficient inputs available these days, why can’t we keep up with demand?

March 1st 2021

Despite these improvements, wheat yields are comparable to those of 30 years ago. So, the question is, how can farmers meet increasing demand for cereals despite weather extremes and the pressure to farm sustainably? Meanwhile, fertiliser markets remain firm, and post-flood soil testing is recommended. How many hectares of wheat are harvested annually around the […]

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