Openfield reaffirms its presence in key global grain market

64,000 tonnes of feed barley produced by farmers from across the South West is currently destined for Saudi Arabia following a huge operation to load a Panamax vessel in Portbury.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s leading barley importer, who’s buying terms require contractual shipments in this size vessel, and it is currently the largest single grain shipment from the UK so far this season. This has been made possible by Openfield’s exclusive grain elevation access through Portbury Grain Terminal, one of the UKs largest deep-water grain port facilities. Road deliveries of barley started last week and will total almost 2,300 loads by the time the vessel leaves.

“The shipment has been largely sourced from local Openfield members and stores, and demonstrates how we are able to link them to the wider international market.” said Openfield’s chief operating officer, Mark Worrell. “Which has been made possible by our members being able to produce a product to the right moisture specification and our ability to deliver the large-scale haulage operations required to load such a vessel.”

Jonathan Mordaunt, Commercial Director for the Bristol Port Company said, “Our agreement with Openfield for them to use Portbury’s grain export facility, combined with excellent operational co-operation between the two companies, enables them to load Panamax vessels and ship to global destinations away from traditional EU countries. Tipping times at the facility means we can intake up to 9,000 tonnes of grain per day which is equivalent to over 300 trucks.”

The MV Sidari began loading on Saturday 16 November and the cargo is expected to reach its destination in mid- December.