Openfield truck fleet achieves DVSA earned recognition

The Openfield Group has achieved new Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) accreditation across its in-house haulage fleet of 36 vehicles.

The voluntary DVSA Earned Recognition scheme enables transport operators to show that they have robust systems and processes in place to promote effective and proactive transport management. Achieving this status demonstrates a proven culture of compliance and standards in this area of logistics. Accredited operators allow DVSA to monitor their fleet compliance systems remotely. This means checks can be carried out to provide assurance and confidence that Openfield is effectively managing its in-house transport operation and associated functions in a compliant manner.

The DVSA Earned Recognition scheme launched in April 2018. Openfield was selected by the Agency to participate in a pilot scheme to help set up establish the initiative ahead of its wider launch.

The company says that DVSA Earned Recognition status enables it to obtain best business value from the enforcement regime. The model drives up compliance and is one that others can to aspire to. It also enables DVSA to divert its resource to target the seriously and serially non-compliant fleets, where the risks to road safety are the highest.

“The scheme demonstrates our strong track record of compliance and adherence to standards,” notes Openfield head of fleet Keith Hughes. “Openfield works hard to connect our members with innovative supply chain contracts. Aligning these contracts with excellent service makes our UK co-operative position unique. Membership of this scheme will help us to further improve the service we offer to both farmers and the British food and drink industry.”