Mark Worrell

Being a farmer’s son, a vocation in the grain trade was always on the cards for Mark; and he began his career in 1987 when he joined Kenneth Wilson as a Farm Rep.  Following the acquisition by Dalgety of their grain business, he joined the trading team at Lincoln to work his way up to Regional Grain Manager for the Lincoln base with responsibility for trading, forwarding, and operations.

Further acquisitions led to the merger between Grainfarmers Plc and Centaur Grain Ltd in 2008 to form Openfield.   Mark’s continued knowledge, understanding and tenacity in the trading domain led to his current appointment of Chief Operating Officer.

Under this guise, his responsibilities are many, whether it is dealing with external relationships with the consumer, overseeing the commercial activity of operations including logistics, ensuring we meet all the regulations in respect of compliance, or keeping up to date with what is happening in the seed and fertiliser arena.

Being a keen sportsman, when Mark does find time to unwind, you will come across him either cycling around the Lincolnshire countryside, hiking somewhere scenic or enjoying a round or two of golf.  A family man at heart, when he does find a spare five minutes, he’s usually ferrying his two children around or enjoying a drink with his wife, Sally.