Covid-19: Suppliers coping well but markets are uncertain

June 4th 2020

After a much busier spring than was expected in the current circumstances, new season fertiliser campaigns are on the horizon while the wheat markets are looking a little more tricky. As the weeks tick down towards harvest 2020, markets are entering into the ‘uncertain’ phase, writes Openfield’s head of compliance, shipping and research, Cecilia Pryce. It […]

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Better buying, better selling – Dressed to impress

June 1st 2020

With oilseed rape facing a challenging autumn, every aspect of its establishment must be optimised, says Openfield, from variety information to the dressing that nurtures the seed. CPM reports on trials commissioned to ensure this. Finding the right variety is like finding the right partner, and it’s the personality you’re after. By Tom Allen-Stevens, editor of […]

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Moisture Meter Calibration Check: 2020

May 11th 2020

We are unable to hold any Moisture Meter Clinics this year, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). If members would like to “Self Check” their moisture meter, we are able to send them known moisture checked samples to help. Members who would like to do this should please note the costs below and complete our online […]

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Never has the UK farming industry been under greater pressure to provide

April 1st 2020

Openfield’s Grain & Fertiliser update, featured in April’s Farmers Guide Magazine. First the weather, then Brexit, and now a global viral threat to life. As a result, British farmers are even more vital than ever, while battling challenging conditions – both in the field and in terms of trade. A global crisis seems an extreme […]

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 19th 2020

We know that many of you may be experiencing the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) or will be worried about what it could mean over the coming weeks. Planning As the challenges of the epidemic have grown, Openfield has increased our contingency planning to ensure that our members, our customers and our colleagues’ health and […]

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Knowing your market is vital in a season that will test every UK arable farmer

March 1st 2020

Openfield’s Grain & Fertiliser update, featured in March’s Farmers Guide Magazine. Grain UK farmers may take a crumb of comfort in knowing they are not the only growers in the world facing extremely challenging conditions, as they contemplate drilling their spring crops in order to try and salvage something from this most difficult season. Spring […]

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