Better buying, better selling – When risk becomes reward

December 5th 2018

The grain market can be a hostile environment, and becomes ever more volatile. CPM seeks expert advice on how to use it to your advantage. It’s important to work with someone you trust. By Tom Allen-Stevens Editor of CPM Magazine Your attitude to risk may largely define your marketing strategy, and when dealing with a volatile market, […]

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Better buying, better selling – The seed selector

June 8th 2018

Making the right seed choices this autumn are key considerations for every UK grower, so how does the UK’s largest farmer-owned co-operative make the right ones? CPM tours Openfield’s seed plant and asks the man with the answers. You wouldn’t describe a person by numbers, and it’s the wrong way to judge every aspect of a variety, […]

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Openfield underlines that its business is about much more than grain

April 3rd 2018

Openfield talks to the Telegraph Business Club about how its farming grain co-operative works and how they interlinks with best-known names in the British food and drink manufacturing industry Watch the associated video using this link. The Openfield Partnership is the UK’s only national farming grain co-operative. It produces approximately four million tonnes of grain […]

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Openfield: Case study of one of the UK’s leading agricultural co-ops

September 20th 2017

Farming is the second largest industry sector in the UK’s co-operative economy, with 436 farming co-ops owned by 153,000 farmers. These co-ops turned over £7.4bn in 2016 and are behind some of the biggest British food brands. One of them is Openfield, which supplies over 150,000 tonnes of British wheat into a nationwide milling network […]

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Growers to benefit from £250,000 seed plant investment

August 4th 2017

In a bid to improve quality and efficiency, Openfield, the farmer co-operative, has invested £250,000 into its seed production plant, to provide growers with high-quality seed and an unrivalled seed service.

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Openfield new crop exports off to a busy start

August 1st 2017

Farmer co-op Openfield has got exports off to a flying start this season, with 10 boats loaded with 40,000t of new crop barley and oilseed rape since harvest began.

Three oilseed rape shipments totalling about 8,000t have left the UK and seven feed barley boats holding a total of 32,000t.

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